Our paper on predicting drivers' takeover performance was accepted at TRB 2024

My first paper as a corresponding author was accepted for presentation at Transportation Research Board (TRB) annual meeting 2024.

The paper investigates drivers’ physiological and behavioral indices during takeover scenarios, contributing to the understanding of how these factors can predict successful takeover performance. The study uncovers significant insights into the best-suited machine learning approach, the appropriate measurement window for indices, and the most critical measures characterizing driver takeover performance. These findings hold significant potential for advancing driver state monitoring (DSM) systems and ensuring safety in an increasingly autonomous vehicular environment. This paper highlights the importance of the role of drivers as system supervisors rather than operators.

Jundi Liu
Jundi Liu
Assistant Professor

I’m an Assistant Professor in IMSE and HCI at ISU. My research interests include Interactive Reinforcement Learning, Human Factors, Human-vehicle Interaction and Human-robot Interaction.