Clustering Human Trust Dynamics for Customized Real- time Prediction


Trust calibration is necessary to ensure appropriate user acceptance in advanced automation technologies. A significant challenge to achieve trust calibration is to quantitatively estimate human trust in real-time. Although multiple trust models exist, these models have limited predictive performance partly due to individual differences in trust dynamics. A personalized model for each person can address this issue, but it requires a significant amount of data for each user. We present a methodology to develop customized model by clustering humans based on their trust dynamics. The clustering-based method addresses the individual differences in trust dynamics while requiring significantly less data than personalized model. We show that our clustering-based customized models not only outperform the general model based on entire population, but also outperform simple demographic factor-based customized models. Specifically, we propose that two models based on confident'' and skeptical’’ group of participants, respectively, can represent the trust behavior of the population. The confident'' participants, as compared to the skeptical’’ participants, have higher initial trust levels, lose trust slower when they encounter low reliability operations, and have higher trust levels during trust-repair after the low reliability operations. In summary, clustering-based customized models improve trust prediction performance for further trust calibration considerations.

24th ieee international intelligent transportation systems conference (ITSC), 2021